Power Cuts- Julie

A couple of weeks before the Christmas break, SPAS started to cut electricity to the dorm rooms after 11pm. Fortunately, seniors still have their lights overnight, but other students have their electricity out at night. Lounges are open, though only till 1am. Many students try to finish their homework before the lights go out and spend less time doing other things before 11pm. Nevertheless, not everyone gets to finish all his or her work and go to bed early.

A large portion of students who have to stay up late at night are people who attend TOEFL or SAT classes. A lot of people are taking these classes and some are even taking both of them. They have less time to do their homework, and at the same time, have more homework to do. After the lounge closes, they usually use their bathrooms as their light sources. Some use electronic devices such as dictionaries to provide light.

Students keep asking for ways to solve this problem, and if possible, to get the light back. The student council and the school are also making efforts to make changes.

Clean Rooms- Stella


Students who live in the dormitory have a new regulation set upon them: cleaning  their rooms! Most of the students may have noticed a sheet of paper pasted on each room’s front door. On the paper, there is a table to check the following requirements:

  Beds are well arranged

  Trash is in the proper place

  The desk and sink area are neat and organized

  Electronics are unplugged, cords are off the floor

  Clothes are folded and put away.

Either nurses or dorm staff will check the rooms several times  a week. Those inspectors will mark them with a + or -. If you would get a + mark, it means your room meet criteria. However, if you get a – mark, it means your room does not meet the standards.

After they check your room, you may see a color in the ‘Grade’ box. It represents the overall grade of your room hygiene. There are a total of three colors, each presenting:

  Green- meets all standard

  Blue- doesn’t meet 1 or more criteria

  Red- doesn’t meet 3 or more criteria

If you have a blue or a red mark, you will get 1 point. At the end of the week, if your points reach a total of 5, you will get a suspension. If it amounts to 10 points, you will get a suspension and your parents will receive a call. Other than that, you will not be able to get any advantages from school.

Therefore, if you want to avoid these punishments, check your room for a second before you leave it in the morning!

Graduation- Swan



On December 23, 2010, two students of Saint Paul American School graduated.  Isabella Kim and Hannah Lee, who were students of SPAS for more than 2 years, graduated. The graduation ceremony was held in the auditorium at 10:00 AM. Dr. Marcotte introduced Isabella and Hannah, and celebrated their graduation, and everyone in the auditorium sincerely celebrated their graduation. Hannah gave a final speech to the school, and  said that her time at the school taught he many things, and that she would never forget her first day at this school. She thanked the teachers and students for giving her a wonderful high school experience. Isabella also gave her final speech to the school, but she cried so hard that saddened everyone. Everyone could see how much she liked SPAS. She said that even though she did not always have a good, happy time at this school, she was happy for the most part and had a memorable life in SPAS. She also said that in SPAS she was able to make new relationships with people. After Hannah and Isabella’s speeches, many students were crying, which made everyone very sad.

However, even though everyone was sad, they also congratulated Isabella and Hannah for stepping further into the world and their dreams. They finally graduated SPAS and left for their dreams. Hannah became a student of a university in New York, and Isabella left for Beijing to study for her college. Even though they are not here, they were SPAS students, and they will forever be SPAS students who made the school proud of them. Let’s have our fingers crossed that Isabella and Hannah have a bright, shining future!

Snowfall- Dianna


Those who have lived in Beijing during the winter season probably know that the Chinese government is making snow fall through chemical and technological processes. People, especially foreigners, ask why the government wants to control the weather, and say it should be controlled by nature.

            Last year in early November, the snowfall in Beijing was very unusual Of course it couldn’t happen without human interference. Meteorologists were working to secure clear skies for China's 60th anniversary celebration. 84 packages of silver iodide were launched into the clouds above Beijing. It caused millions of cubic meters of snow to fall. The snow that year brought a few disadvantages to Beijingers and tourists. Several flights were delayed.

            This year, unfortunately, we haven’t observed any snow in Beijing, even though it is already in the middle of January.

Soccer Fun- Michael

On December 15th, 2010, the Saint Paul American School soccer team (Polar Bears) had a soccer match against German school team. It was the first match this semester, however, the Polar Bears lost to German school 4 to 0.


             The Polar Bears had their first match in 2009 with the Canadian International School of Beijing, and won by a score of 2 to 1. After that they had several other matches and won most of them. However, the Polar Bears first experienced a loss after the match against German school.


In fact, during the last semester, the Polar Bears team had already played against German school.  At that time, the Polar Bears also lost 7 to 3. Thus, the players felt this match was revenge for their original loss. Hence, the players were very enthusiastic. Nevertheless, the Polar Bears couldn’t overcome their opponents. The Polar Bears felt frustration once again.


            Until half time, the Polar Bears did very well. They tried to score, and actually made some good attempts. However, the German team’s defense was too strong. The first half of the match seemed to be heading toward a 0-0 outcome, but the German team managed to sneak one in.


            Unlike in the first half, Polar Bears were very tired in the second half of the game. Though they tried to tie, it was too hard to accomplish. To makes matters worse, the German team scored another goal. Many regular players were very tired, so Mr. Orlando and Mr.Scuderi, the coaches of the Polar Bears, decided to put some players from reserve team on. Unfortunately, those players were also unable to change the result of the match. After the reserve players joined the game, the German team scored two more goals, and the match was over.


            After the match, all the players of the Polar Bears decided to train hard in order beat the German team the next time. Mr. O made an appointment with the coach of German team to have another match before the semester ended.


            The Polar Bear’s players are determined to redeem themselves. Therefore, I expect their next match to result in a victory.

Saying goodbye- Liz

5Ways to Make Saying Goodbye Easier

            You’ve done it. I’ve done it. We’ve all done it. No doubt.  Everyone’s been in a situation where they’ve had to say goodbye earlier than they intended, whether it was to a loved one, significant other, friend, or boyfriend/girlfriend. We all dread saying goodbye. And why: because it hurts so much. As opposed to saying hello, which takes a minute, saying goodbye can last forever. Well, let me be the first one to say its 2011 and changes need to be made. We are no longer going to mope around because we can’t bare the pain of letting go. We’re going to do something about it.

Yes, everyone is different. Some people react to circumstances differently than others and others’ reactions are similar. Whatever the case may be, these 5 rules can help just about anyone.

Make the last moments your best: Before you say goodbye, be sure the last moments are worth it. If you or someone is leaving, you want to end on a good note. Yes I know you’ll say “But I’m too sad to have fun”. I understand but you’ll feel even worse when that person in your life leaves and you spent the whole time moping. You’ll for sure regret not having more good memories with that person which will just make times worse. So do yourself a favor and don’t allow bad times to ruin the good ones. Get out of bed; eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner; talk to the people around you and HAVE FUN!

Think Positive: Always think positively. Remember, if you think of the best then the best will occur. Optimists – positive people – usually live happier lives because they think happy thoughts and when they are faced with failure they get right back up. Pessimists – negative people – think nothing but the worst and when they are faced with difficult problems they put up with them because they believe they destined to happen. Therefore when you say things will get better your mind will believe it and you will be more ready to face the task at hand.

Say what you need to say:Take this opportunity to release yourself. Tell your friend or boyfriend or whomever it may be, whatever you’ve been holding back. Now is the time. Let them know what you’ve been scared to say. I mean they’re leaving so you won’t have to face them again. Another thing is that it’ll give you a sense of relief. You’ll feel so much better; it will purify you.

Surround yourself with people who care: When going through hard times in your life you should never go through them alone. Your friends and/or family love you and want to help. Let them assist you; let them be there for you. You tell them everything anyways. On top of that people who are close to you have a way of making things better. They know you and what you’re more likely to react to so they should have a better sense on how to help you. Nobody should ever have to go through something alone. Especially when it’s letting someone you care about go.

It’ll all get better in time: Leona Lewis once sang “…..and I know time will heal it”- a line from her song, Better in Time. The person you’re letting go to may be important in your life, and as a matter fact I’m pretty sure he/she is. But was Leona also sang “It’ll all get better in time” she was right. When you get a scratch or a cut, over time a scab covers it and eventually the scab and the cut are gone. Is this a perfect example of letting go? No.  How can you relate physical problems to mental ones? Well there won’t ever be a final answer, but the more you get away from an event, the easier it will be to deal with. The more you learn, the better you’ll feel.

     I know at least one of these solutions helped you out. You may think you’re in a slump that you can’t get out of, but that’s only you thinking it. You have to dig a little deeper. Look at yourself in the mirror, wipe away the tears and tell yourself “It’ll all get better in time”, because it truly will.

Senior Goodbyes- Sunny

This January 26th, 5 of our Saint Paul American School students are going to graduate; Ellie Lee (#114), Eric Son (#47), Jun Hwang (#103), Jiny Kim (#), and Paul Kim (#182). Because all five of them have stayed here for a time, and because they all are well known as the best students at Saint Paul, it is hard for the rest of the students to imagine a school without these five students. To remember them better, I decided to interview them.

                I first asked all five of them what their plans were after the graduation. Ellie said, “When I go back to Korea, I want to experience society, so I might get a part time job. At the same time, I will focus on English before I go to a college in September. I might have to take a rest a little bit, too. I can’t wait!” Jun and Eric S. said almost the same thing. Both Ellie and Jun said they are already done with the college application. Ellie applied to SUNY Binghamton; SUNY Buffalo; Colorado State University, Fullerton; Indiana State University; and San Diego State University, which all are really good schools. Jun applied to State University at New York, Albany; State University at New York, Buffalo; North Carolina State University; Washington University; and Iowa State University. Eric S. is still in the middle of process of application. He said he applied to Purdue University; Pennsylvania State University; Michigan State University; and Indiana State University. He added that he is going to apply to two more colleges soon. However, Paul said, “Since I will apply to Korean colleges, I must get ready and study a little more when I go home.” Jiny also told me that she is going to apply to Korean universities.

                My second question was how their lives were at Saint Paul American School. One common thing that I could hear from all five of them was that they never regretted that they came to China and studied at Saint Paul. Jun said, “I think when first came here my only time was that regret that I came here to study. That was my only regret. The teachers and students were really kind, so I think I had a no problem having fun here.” Ellie also added, “Saint Paul helped me discover who I was, what I liked, and what I wanted to do in the future. Saint Paul taught me so many things.” Eric S. said “I’m really satisfied with my life at Saint Paul. It is very memorable.” Paul also told me, “I learned a lot of things at Saint Paul. It was actually my first time studying with foreigners and when I realized that they helped me change, (of course, in a good way) it was already time for me to leave here. Although I didn’t stay in the dorm, I know that dorm life could have taught me a lot of things too. And I’m really proud of myself for changing, and also want to thank the teachers and students here.” Jiny said lastly, “I was afraid of English, to be frank. But I didn’t have a choice to not speak in English here, so here I am! I’m no longer afraid of English. It was all possible because of the teachers at Saint Paul.”

                Third, I asked them what things they liked and what things they think the school could fix. Ellie first said, “I really like when I can see and tell that the school is developing. It is a real pleasure to see both teachers and students trying hard to make the school better. However, because Saint Paul American School is a boarding school and because it is sharing a campus with another school, there are some limits that we have to overcome. But I know it will get better as time goes by. I know this in my heart.” Jun added, “Even though our school is in China, there were few chances to experience China. That’s one thing maybe the school can think of. Otherwise, I really enjoyed studying at Saint Paul. Because it was a small school, I got to know many people. I think that is another pride of our school.” Jiny said, agreeing with what Ellie and Jun said. She will still miss Saint Paul though. Additionally, Paul and Eric S. said, “It is amazing that we can learn both Chinese and English. However, maybe students need more freedom. I think it would be better, and I’m pretty sure that the students would like that. If they have more freedom, they could choose more things.”

     Lastly, I asked them to say something they wanted to say to the rest of the students at Saint Paul. Everyone became calm and serious. Ellie first started to say, “Be proud of yourself that you are at Saint Paul American School, be loved, and be respectful. Then, 10 years later, you will be proud of yourself for having graduated from Saint Paul.” And Jun said, “Thank you so much for everything. Study hard, enjoy your life at Saint Paul, and have fun.” Next, Jiny added, “I hope you guys have a meaningful school life at Saint Paul so that later in the future you can think of all the difficulties you have gone through that helped you become who you are now.” And Paul said, “When you study, study. When you play, play, but remember to be respectful and responsible.” Finally, Eric S said, “Do your best in everything even if what you’re doing t is hanging out with your friends.”

                I was really impressed interviewing these five students. I know throughout the interview all of them were honest and serious. These five students, Ellie, Eric S. Jiny, Jun, and Paul will be remembered by the whole school as much as they remember and miss Saint Paul American School. Thank you for being Saint Paul American School students. J 

New Year Resolutions-Eric

Year resolution in Music room>

                On the 31st of December, Jennifer Jang, Tiffany Woo, Lidia Hong, Angela Bak, Tony Jang, Loony Bang, Mattius Cho, Adam Wu, Eric Kim, Byung Hayng Lee, and Hyun A Cho shared their New Year’s resolutions. They met in the office and went to music room in order to enjoy the last day of 2010 with their friends. First, they gossiped and then ordered chicken. They ate Chicken and cheeps with friends. All the students brought their own resolutions for 2011. 

                Most students expressed gratitude for their good health and their relationships with their families. Some students said that they would work hard and some students said they would want be as healthy as they were in 2010.