The talent show was a terrific leap forward for S.P.A.S. We not only got to see how fabulous and talented many of our students were, but also how supportive and friendly the student body could be when the performers needed a little help. The audience was also able to witness how performing in front of a large crowd of people could spark a change inside of the singers and dancers. It was not uncommon to see a troupe of singers going up on stage with a glint of nervousness showing on their faces only to slowly grow confident in their abilities as they performed on stage. By the end of the act, the singers and dancers would stride off stage confidently, one hundred percent sure that they had done their best and that no one could say otherwise. Besides singing and dancing, there was also a very special origami act and a rapping skit. Of everyone at the talent show, it was probably the judges who were worrying the most. They had the difficult job of choosing winners from our talented cast of students. The time they took to confer when everyone was finished performing emphasized how tough watching and rating was. However, even though not everyone was able to win a prize, the student body took it upon itself to congratulate every performer as if he/she/they had won first prize. So, in the end, S.P.A.S. showed its true colours by supporting each and every student brave enough to get up on stage.


Ms. Larson
05/17/2011 6:50pm

The Talent Show was fabulous! I was so impressed by the talent of the few brave enough to go on stage, and the amazing support shown by everyone. Go SPAS!


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