A bustle of activity encompasses the market place. There is commotion at every turn. No matter where you look, there are people haggling for lower prices. A shop selling its wares at a reduced price is marked distinctly by the horde of customers swarming around it. The smell of recently slaughtered creatures wafting through the corridors serves not only to entice potential buyers, but also to warn those who would dare steal from the stall owners. The daily interaction between neighboring stall owners has created an intimacy rarely seen even between the closest of associates. The food is unusually unadorned, instead being portrayed in its crudest form without the usual polishing that sellers typically add to gloss over their products faults, part of the unspoken agreement between both buyer and seller. Despite the lack of these deceptive coverings, the food looks very appetizing, somehow appealing to our inner animal. In losing ourselves in the wonders of the market place, we are imbued by warmth that shields us from the descending cold, at least for a while.


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