When faced with something deemed man-made, most people will sniff and dismiss it as “unnatural”. This attitude is prevalent throughout the majority of people, and subsequently many scenes of beauty have been overlooked without even a glance. During a recent trip to the Sink Hole, we learned that there is a side to every story, and even the things that seem repulsive can harbour pearls of beauty.

     As we stepped out of the van into the barren wasteland known as the Sink Hole, our first thought was to jump back into the vehicle and lock the door. Against our will we were tasked with scoping out the landscape and reporting our findings. Begrudgingly, we set out on our dire task. At first, most of the so-called “scenery” passed in blur, our minds transmitting these apparently worthless images into a bottomless pit, never to be seen again. As time went by, we began to pick up on things that we had previously missed: People playing games happily on the trash covered streets, dogs chasing cats eagerly, little cottages with smoke coming out of the chimneys… Gradually, our team registered these scenes as occurrences that would happen in our own neighborhood. As the barriers between the life in the Sink Hole and our own lives fell, we were able to relate to the life in this desolate land, and the life knowledge we gleamed from this area gave us wisdom farm beyond our years.

     Returning back to the refuge of the van, we crossed paths with many of the sights that “affronted” us when we first arrived. As we re-examined the landscape, we found we were able to truly able to appreciate the Sink Hole as we never could have at a first glance. In our eyes, this rubble filled zone had transformed into something truly beautiful. It had started as a giant dump, a great sink hole in which those who barely survived to make a living sifting through the trash and collecting materials that could be recycled. But from the bowls of this Sink Hole had emerged a colossal mountain rubbish. While many would have turned their eyes away from such an “unnatural” sight, we were able to comprehend the magnitude of what had taken place in this abandoned area. The mountain though composed of garbage and other waste looked upon as useless by most people, had claimed this patch of earth as its own. It had fought to survive just as any creature of nature would have, and in doing so, had earned the right to live and prosper there, at least in our eyes.


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