Camera News Club interviewed the new vice principal, Mr. Chederquist.
We found out information that can help us get to know Mr. Chederquist.
He is an American who also had lived in Minnesota as many of the other
teachers in school. Before he came to SPAS, he taught technology in
schools for 25 years and has traveled to 16 different countries. He
told us that his college major was industrial technology education.
Now, he is excited to be here because he wants to challenge himself to
be a great vice pincipal in a Chinese-American school.

     Mr. Chederquist has a family of three sons, one daughter and a
wife. He told us his oldest son is in college, the younger son and
daughter are in high school and his youngest son is five years old.
The interesting thing is that his youngest son was adopted by he and
his wife; the youngest is Chinese and is only five years old. He also
told us that his wife and two of his young children are planning to
come to China in the fall. Before his family comes he is planning to
learn Chinese more and travel. His hobby is running and has competed
in orienteering around the world. Mr. Chederquist came to China four
years ago; he liked the Chinese people because they were nice to him.

     His goals this spring are to get to know all the SPAS students’
names and to make the master schedule for the next fall; he expects to
keep a high academic rigor in school.

     We asked him to tell us one interesting story was and he told us
about a time when he was arrested for taking a picture of a beggar. He
was not in America and the people didn’t speak English there. He only
knew to say,”I’m sorry” and “I can’t speak your language.” He of
course showed his passport, but the police didn’t care. He was freed
after awhile. He thinks they were trying to show how powerful they
were and he got the message!


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