Who would have thought that there was so much beyond our school borders? It turns out that Olympic park is only a thirteen minute walk away from our school.  As we made our way there we managed to see how terribly polluted the water in the river is that runs along side the road to the park. The water itself looked poisonous to any living animal. A little ways down the river we came across the dam that controlled the river’s water flow. It was there that we were able to truly appreciate how contaminated the water really was. The dam was made to stop water from flowing, but it also blocked the rubbish that was in the river. So, the dam had amassed a huge amount of garbage. It was so bad that we could even see the workers whose task it was to fish out the rubbish blocked by the dam. It seemed at though the dam needed workers working there 24 hours a day, or there would be too much garbage. When we reached Olympic park, it did not look like much. It was at this time that it was decided the only way to get to our destination was to climb a miniature mountain. After a lot of pain and sweat, we finally reached the summit and could finally appreciate how beautiful the land around us was. The people who had designed the park had done a good job, and everywhere we looked we could see amazing scenery. It was in stark contrast with the area SPAS was in, with tightly packed buildings as far as the eye could see. In addition, there were practically no other people besides us at the park. It seemed mighty sad that such an incredibly huge piece of land could go to such waste.  One of the most eye catching features of the park was the design of the bodies of water. All the lakes were designed in such a way that they seemed incredibly artificial. Whereas every other aspect of the “natural scene” had been well captured, the lakes were very obviously man-made. While it is for certain that this park was fully appreciated during the Olympics, it seemed as though that even though the world had moved on beyond the 2008 Olympics, the park had not, and stood out as a part of China that was stuck in the past.


04/18/2011 6:50pm

It's funny how all the warning signs all consisted of pictures expect for this random chinese sign, our neighbor Liz, says it states no fishing.


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