As school shuts down for the week, there is an air of excitement tingling in the air. Ever the curious students we try to track it down to its source. We know we are hot on the trail when we hear the screams of maniac crowds losing themselves in the moment. We approach apprehensively, ready to make a hasty retreat in case we stumble upon some sort of battle. Peering around the corner, we catch a glimpse of something flying through the air. Despite the speed at which it shoots by, we are immediately put at ease, as we realize what’s going on. Football.

      Desperate to get right in the middle of things, we scout out the perfect position from where we can have a great view of the match. Entrenching ourselves so we don’t get jostled aside by many of the hooligans who have decided to go a little wild, we gaze across the field, drinking in the scene before us. It is evident almost right away who is playing who. On one side there is a legion of adrenaline pumped teenage girls, the ground trembling as they stomp around, eager to find someone to swarm and take down. It is almost as if they are taking out their anger at the world on their opponents. Opposing them on the opposite side of the field are the more mature female teachers, who are deliberately not lowering themselves to the level of their enemy by refraining from resorting to the unseemly tactics employed by the students. Such honour does them no good, however, as the rampaging girls systematically take out the teachers one by one. With out any substitutes, and an enemy who can seemingly pump out fresh players in a matter of seconds, the odds don’t look good for the women.

      All is not lost though. Despite the overwhelming odds they are faced with, the teachers hold the line, and repulse the hornets’ angry attacks. Time after time it seems as though the end is near and a goal is inevitable, but the team of seven strong manage to repel the assaults.  As inquisitive spectators, we begin speculating as to from where the teachers draw their strength. After debating for what seems like hours, we come to a conclusion: the teachers have nothing to prove. Whereas the younger girls feel the need to show the world what they are capable of, the more mature women have found an inner peace that gives them the strength to persevere. The students’ only strength is that which they draw from their mass; alone they would surely perish under the pressure.

     These inner qualities reveal themselves through the actions of the two teams on the playing field. The relentless wave of youngsters forever pound on the teachers’ defenses, and yet the teachers never yield. After some spectacular football, the match ends with a score of 1-1. The teachers have managed to survive the onslaught and can feel proud of playing such a good game of football. The students, on the other hand, after trying all their dirty tricks and failing to take control of the game are forced to slink back to the counseling room and plot their revenge.


WWW@SPAS Neighborhood
03/07/2011 5:42pm

Both teams played really well! Go Dolly! Next game should be the boys soccer team against the male teachers!

The Liz's
03/08/2011 1:17am

Wooh ! Girls Soccer team is finally here. Lookin good girls.


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