Olympic park stands as fortress against the forces of the rural areas in China. Everything about it shouts modern and advanced. The zone is looked upon by the locals as comparable to the Eiffel tower in France or the Statue of Liberty in America. It is their pride of a time long gone by, and stands as a reminder to the Chinese people that their country once held the great Olympic ceremony in the heart of China’s capital. This pride shows itself in the thousands upon thousands of pictures taken on the grounds of the park. It seemed as though some people in China would travel all across the country just to have the chance to take a picture with family members at the park. Aside from the pictures being taken everywhere, another feature we discovered to be connected to the park was the absurd amount of kites flying in the air. The open sky literally was a battleground filled with kites of different shapes and sizes all fighting for possession of the area. Though very distracting when they were whipping around in our faces, we found that they added a flavour to the park that seemed to make the place seem far more special than it probably was. Having recently visited the areas on the outside of this park, we could compare just how empty and lonely the outer part of the park seemed compared to the inner square. The two zones were practically worlds apart, even though they were separated by less than one or so kilometers. This definitely gave us some food for thought, as we realized that when we look at something, we are only seeing one face of that particular thing, and that in order to truly understand something we must look at that particular thing from many different angles. Only in this way can we really capture a real picture of something.

04/18/2011 6:40pm

One of our neighbors went during the winter and he claims it was beautiful, maybe next time, if we have a chance, we should take and post pictures of the Olympic park during winter.


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