One afternoon, our Camera News Club decides to go and experience the fun of other activities. Our group was assigned to soccer, fortunately, we got to see a game played by the people in the activity, they were divided to two teams and the game was really competitive and it was a pleasure to watch such a game.

What we saw was two teams, from the soccer club playing to get prepared for a match with the German school. One team is stronger than the other team. The members of the stronger team were wearing jerseys, because of that; we’ll call them the jersey team. Jersey team had some players that are really good, they are fast, powerful and knows how to play soccer really well. The other team was not as strong as the jersey team. But they played a great game by trying their best and playing until the end of the game, they never gave up even though they were losing, the result was pretty certain, the weaker team had lost, but they played and showed the good spirit of playing a soccer game. And the Jersey Team, also did a good job, with a stronger team, they showed that they sure are better by the score, and their teamwork was fantastic. We sure hope that this warm up match will get the team together and hopefully beat the German school’s team.


12/28/2010 5:46am

why my picture not there and i'm soccer player come guys i wanna be famous .ha ahaa a

Camera News Club
01/03/2011 7:19pm

Sorry, Dominic! You may get your day in the spotlight yet -- we are always taking pictures and trying to get the scoop on campus.


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