As we walk into the band room we are welcomed by enthusiasm himself. We quickly discover that Mister Ben is the
shining light that guides the young voices of the choir. The melodic sound of voices working in harmony soothes us,
with all our pent up emotions forced out of our hearts as we invite the beautiful music in. One voice can barely combat the absence of sound of the spacious room, with the endless void just kept at bay. One by one the other singers dare add their own voices, gradually strengthening the song as a whole until every member has joined in, at which point a crescendo of musical bliss is reached. Having reached its apex, the song ceases to be comprised of many voices, instead molding each person's contribution into a single force of harmony, a force to truly be reckoned with. By adding their own voices to the choir and putting themselves at the mercy of their audience, the members of the choir bare their souls to the world, but in doing so, their contributions unite, embodying the spirit of music itself.


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