Have you seen SPAS drama? The actress and actors were played at the Christmas party. Wasn’t their playing interesting? Before they are acting interesting, they are practicing really hard, every day. They are talking about the playbook of drama. The camera News club went to interview for SPAS drama club are practicing. I can see they are practicing really hard and they are acting like real. While they are acting, they respect others. It means when the other people are acting, they are not laughing and be quiet. If the other actors or other actresses were getting NG, they are cheering up that people. As you can see the rule of the drama club is respect other actors and actress. Therefore the new actors and actresses are born in the SPAS~!!

We went to the board games room1.
This activty teacher is Mr. K
Their playing game, such as card, board, cube, and clapping game. sometimes Mr. K agree that  the student can do homework another class in stead of board game.

Their looked so happy and fun !!
Basketball  activity

Camera News club students went to take pictures at the basketball activity and interviewed the players. Everyday, they divide the court and play basketball. The boys practice basketball on one half and the girls play basketball on the other half. They talk about how to play better. Mostly, they practice how to throw the ball and work on steping. We noticed that they are trying hard to do much better. The rules of the practice game is one person to defend, and another person to take a point from the defender. After interving, we felt that they were trying hard and they are good at basketball.

One afternoon, our Camera News Club decides to go and experience the fun of other activities. Our group was assigned to soccer, fortunately, we got to see a game played by the people in the activity, they were divided to two teams and the game was really competitive and it was a pleasure to watch such a game.

What we saw was two teams, from the soccer club playing to get prepared for a match with the German school. One team is stronger than the other team. The members of the stronger team were wearing jerseys, because of that; we’ll call them the jersey team. Jersey team had some players that are really good, they are fast, powerful and knows how to play soccer really well. The other team was not as strong as the jersey team. But they played a great game by trying their best and playing until the end of the game, they never gave up even though they were losing, the result was pretty certain, the weaker team had lost, but they played and showed the good spirit of playing a soccer game. And the Jersey Team, also did a good job, with a stronger team, they showed that they sure are better by the score, and their teamwork was fantastic. We sure hope that this warm up match will get the team together and hopefully beat the German school’s team.

As we walk into the band room we are welcomed by enthusiasm himself. We quickly discover that Mister Ben is the
shining light that guides the young voices of the choir. The melodic sound of voices working in harmony soothes us,
with all our pent up emotions forced out of our hearts as we invite the beautiful music in. One voice can barely combat the absence of sound of the spacious room, with the endless void just kept at bay. One by one the other singers dare add their own voices, gradually strengthening the song as a whole until every member has joined in, at which point a crescendo of musical bliss is reached. Having reached its apex, the song ceases to be comprised of many voices, instead molding each person's contribution into a single force of harmony, a force to truly be reckoned with. By adding their own voices to the choir and putting themselves at the mercy of their audience, the members of the choir bare their souls to the world, but in doing so, their contributions unite, embodying the spirit of music itself.

The Camera News team (Camera Club and Newsletter combined) went out to take pictures to find out about what we are eating and how fresh the groceries are before they are cooked in the foods we eat. The pictures that have been placed under the tables have been taken by the students in the Camera News team in an attempt to show what was used to make the food we eat in the cafeteria.

Miss Kim is the teacher who is taking care of the cafeteria. Her real job at school is to help the new students who need help moving into the school. The Camera News team asked Miss Kim some questions about the cafeteria’s change. The students tried to eat the Chinese food at the previous cafeteria, but it was hard to eat and students failed their classes. So, the parents came and decided to make our own school cafeteria. It was made and designed by Miss Kim. So the cafeteria was made and the cooks learned new recipes.

Now in the cafeteria, Miss Kim chooses the menu of our daily food. She goes to buy the groceries outside and also think about what foods the students like or dislike. Miss Kim goes to the market to buy the groceries every day. Some of the groceries come directly from farms. They use the groceries from markets and the farms to make our breakfast, lunch and dinner. The food that the students eat in the cafeteria is called fusion food. Fusion food is a Korean-Foreign food which it is made for most of the foreigners who are not used to Korean food. She normally spends 3 to 4 hours when she makes the food for lunch.

            Miss Kim wants to tell all the students something about the cafeteria. Students should clean up eating and not throw food onto the ground. There are many students who can’t eat the fruits and the food because some of the students are wasting the foods by taking too much food and throwing most of it away. Also, the plates, chopsticks and spoons should not be thrown in the trash can. So please do not throw those things in the trash can.